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Of the 8,804 victims of hate crimes in 2005, most were associated with an incident involving a single bias.  55.7 percent were victims of racial prejudice.  Of those, 67.9 percent were victimized because of anti-black attitudes, and 19.9 percent were targets of anti-white sentiments.

Among victims of religious intolerance, 69.5 percent were victims of anti-Jewish bias, and 10.7 percent were targets of anti-Islamic bias.

Of the total number of victims of single-bias incidents, 15.6 percent were attacked because of a sexual-orientation bias. The majority of those victims, 61.3 percent were the objects of anti-male homosexual attitudes, 19.2 percent were victims of an anti-homosexual bias and 15.3 percent were victims of an anti-female homosexual bias.[i]

In case of hate crimes caused due to the offenders’ ethnicity/national orientation bias, 58.8 percent were marked because of the perpetrators’ anti-Hispanic views and 41.2 percent were victimized because of a bias against other ethnicities/national origins.  Less than 1 percent of the total victims of crimes motivated by a single bias were targets of an anti-disability bias. Of the 54 victims of disability bias, 33 were the subjects of a bias against a mental disability and 21 were victims of an anti-physical disability bias.

 [i] http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/hc2005/victims.htm

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