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The majority of hate crime incidents involve a single bias.  A breakdown of the single-bias incidents by the type of bias revealed that 54.7 percent were motivated by racial bigotry, 17.1 percent were caused by religious intolerance, 14.2 percent were the result of a sexual-orientation bias, and 13.2 percent were triggered by an ethnicity/national origin bias and 0.7 percent was prompted by disability bias.  By definition, a multiple-bias incident is one in which two or more offense types were motivated by two or more bias types.[i]

Law enforcement investigators found that racial prejudice motivated more than half of all reported single-bias incidents (52.9 percent). They attributed 18.0 percent of the incidents to a religious bias, 15.7 percent to a sexual-orientation bias, and 12.7 percent to an ethnicity/national origin bias. The remaining incidents were ascribed to a disability bias.[ii]

 [i] http://www.fbi.gov/ucr/hc2005/incidentsoffenses.htm


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